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Evolution: A Historical Perspective

Dr. Bryson Brown (Bryson to anyone that’s met him) is a philosopher’s philosopher, personifying the pursuit of knowledge, and the ethical well lived life. An expert in philosophical logic and philosophy of science, Bryson has published extensively in both fields.

As an undergraduate philosophy major at the University of Lethbridge, I had the opportunity to work for Bryson as his Research Assistant in 2007. Bryson was midway through a book project. Evolution: A Historical Perspective would be a history of the science leading up to Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the resulting 20th century breakthroughs. It would be written accessibly, and contain enough philosophical context to prepare high school students for the ideological battles they will encounter.

Although the manuscript was nearly complete, the project needed some specific research before it could be sent to the publisher. 59 images and illustrations were required. Budgetary restrictions required nearly all of them to be sourced from books published before 1923 (hence expired copyright) from research libraries throughout the world. I researched early first editions of many foundational works in the history of science, and either travelled to the institution in person (University of Calgary Library) or corresponded with them to arrange for publication quality scans of particular images and illustrations to be delivered to Lethbridge.

A map of the Galapagos islands.

I completed my research on time and on budget, and then took final examinations for my last undergraduate semester at the University of Lethbridge. Evolution: A Historical Perspective was published shortly thereafter. Bryson signed a copy for me just after after I was admitted to the University of British Columbia for graduate studies in librarianship.

Evolution: A Historical Perspective, Westport Connecticut and London: Greenwood Press 2007.

Evolution: A Historical Perspective

Dr. Bryson Brown

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